Life Membership Policy

  1. Purpose.

The purpose of life membership is to recognise ‘’Outstanding service and commitment to North through any of its “one club” operations which comprise the North Ballarat Football Club Inc.,(NBFC) North Ballarat Junior Football Club Inc.,(NBJFC) The North Ballarat Sports Club Inc.(NBSC) and the North Ballarat cricket Club Inc.(NBCC). Life membership shall be to the particular entity as nominated.

  1. Nominated persons.

A nominated person is eligible for consideration for Life membership after a club person nominates that person for Life membership.

The nominating person is requested to complete the Life membership nomination form in support of that nomination. (Copy attached to this policy)

A nominated person’s outstanding service in the interest of the club will be evaluated within the following guide lines.

  1. The nominee has been conspicuously seen by the members in their execution of duties or voluntary work towards the betterment of the club.
  2. The time has been substantial as measured by the number of years involved, amount of time and effort, quality of results and benefit to club and to members / football / sport. As a guide a period of no less than 15 years ought to be considered as a minimum period of service.
  • The service shall be sacrificial in nature and not directly for personal status or kudos and definitely not for personal gain, or profit either directly or indirectly.
  1. The character, personal standing and behaviour of the nominated person shall be beyond reproach.
  1. Life membership committee.

The club shall appoint a life membership committee. The life membership committee should comprise of a minimum of 5 persons with the club Chairman and Chief Executive Officer being ex-officio members of the committee. The committee may co-opt a representative of an entity directly related to any nomination i.e NBCC, NBJFC, or NBSC to assist the committee in its deliberations on that specific nomination. The primary purpose of the life membership committee is to consider and where appropriate make recommendations on life membership to the board. Any nomination for life membership should be lodged with the committee within 14 days of when the club seeks nominations for same. All nominations shall be forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer.


  1. Selection protocol

The life membership committee shall judge the relative merits and contributions towards ‘’outstanding service and commitment” to the club. The following guidelines shall apply to the nominated person or persons,

  1. The Life Membership Committee shall review each nomination independently and determine whether the nominated person meets the guidelines.
  2. A life membership can only be awarded if the required guidelines are met.
  3. Eligibility for Life membership does not entitle a person to life membership automatically.
  4. The selection committee members shall reach consensus on any recommendation for life membership.

5 The endorsement of a life member is solely the decision of the life membership selection committee and no correspondence will be entered into. The approval of life membership is a decision of the Board of the club based on a recommendation received from the life membership committee.

In the case of a cricket club on the basis that the recommendation meets with these criteria it shall be the cricket club committee that awards such cricket club life membership.


  1. Benefits and Recognition for Life Members.

Life members shall receive free club membership for life, a suitable badge and his/her name recorded on the official life members’ honour board. Life membership may be presented at the AGM, or a suitable function held by the club.