Hall of Fame Policy

  1. Purpose.

The purpose of the North Ballarat Hall of Fame is to formally recognise a North Ballarat affiliated person who has been able to achieve legendary status in the game of Australian football

  1. Nominated persons.

A person is eligible for consideration for induction into the North Ballarat Hall of Fame by being firstly nominated and then having that nomination endorsed and approved by the Hall of Fame committee and the NBFC Board.

The nominating person is requested to complete the Hall of Fame nomination form in support of that nomination. (Copy attached to this policy)

Induction to the North Ballarat Hall of Fame is based on different criteria to that which applies to Life Membership and whilst outstanding service to the club will be appropriately recognised. Further a person who has previously been involved with north may have subsequently achieved legendary status in the game which also qualifies such person for Hall of Fame induction.

 Hall of Fame committee.

The club shall appoint a Hall of Fame committee. The Hall of Fame committee should comprise of a minimum of 5 persons with the club Chairman and Chief Executive Officer being ex-officio members of the committee. The committee may co-opt a representative of an entity directly related to any nomination i.e NBCC, NBJFC, or NBSC to assist the committee in its deliberations on that specific nomination. The primary purpose of the Hall of Fame committee is to consider and where appropriate make recommendations on Hall of Fame to the board. Any nomination for Hall of Fame should be lodged with the committee within 14 days of when the club seeks nominations for same.

All nominations shall be forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer.

  1. Selection protocol

The Hall of Fame committee shall judge the relative merits and contributions towards the awarding of Hall of Fame status and make any recommendations it believes appropriate to the Board for ratification.

  1. Benefits and Recognition for Hall of Fame inductees

Hall of Fame inductees shall be recognised through the club with a photographic portrait erected in the clubs Hall of Fame along with receipt of a Hall of Fame badge. The club is also establishing a special honour board that shall list and acknowledge all hall of fame inductees.